We will provide a second opinion for your situation within the guidelines of the real estate license law, and the Board of REALTOR by laws. Property Systems is assuming you are listed with a full service company, or By Owner with an MLS Partner and you have not sold. The first question we need answered is what are your monthly carrying costs for your property? This includes EVERYTHING. Now multiply it by the months on the market. This figure will probably shock you. It is good you are soliciting a 2nd opinion. No one can sell a property with out an offer, so the goal is to generate an acceptable offer. If your property is exclusively listed with a real estate broker, we must be careful in our contact with you. When does your agreement expire? If you complete the template, you are giving us permission to provide a 2nd opinion and contact you to do so.   The first fact to review is the asking price of the property. By completing the request for help, you as an owner acknowledge and agree Property Systems is not inducing you, the seller to break the present listing contract with your current broker to hire Property Systems.  Property Systems can stepin when your current listing agreement expires. Property Systems is providing information for when the listing has expired, and we do not want to do anything to cause you to terminate the listing early. Property Systems is providing information because you the seller have specifically requested it.  With that said, please complete the below template, and also order a market report at www.free-market-report.com