Welcome to the Commission Rebate System. Click on one of the 4 Options to get started. 92% of buyers and sellers use the internet to begin their process, and need a real estate agent once every 6.6 years. The national franchised real estate companies do not want you to know about this opportunity available in your market, and do not provide these competitive services.  There are too many agents chasing sales. 51% did 4 or less transactions last year, and a staggering 54.7% did 1 million or less. Complete some of the work yourself, and let us assist you with your transaction. Do you need to buy or sell a property? We are ready to assist you with the process today, and will rebate or reduce commissions when you successfully close. What option below describes your situation? Please click it, complete the information, or call an agent on our HOTLINE AT 877-522-5577 X. 8030 P.S.: We have a lender with no income verification loans, loans for credit challenged borrowers, FHA, VA and CONVENTIONAL. Bottom Line! We can get you a loan.

All rebates or reductions will be disclosed on the HUD closing statement and contingent upon the lender, TRID and closing attorney approval. The rebate will be calculated by the formula provided at the time of our brokerage engagement. Your agent will reduce the fees from the sales price or provide a credit on the HUD at closing. The system will not work with lease purchases, rentals, and 1031 exchanges. All credits must fall within the maximum loan contributions for your lender guidelines. The seller must provide a commission to the selling broker to receive a rebate. We can credit your closing costs and discount points or reduce the sales price.

We know you probably will not have a property like the White House, but regardless of the price or area an agent can assist. Property Systems has sold thousands of properties in the S.E. We are now providing discounted real estate brokerage services to buyers and sellers.

You know what you need to do, and you know what you want, so use our system to maximize time and resources. You have already started looking already and probably have an idea of what you need. Take the next step with us and get started.


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